Who we are?

"I cannot be anything else but an engineer. It is my true calling."
Krasimira Slavcheva

The statement above is true for each one of us at KrasenLach. The company was found on two core values: Passion and Knowledge. Everything we do strives to set new standards and refine what our customers think is possible.

Our knowledge and expertise spans multiple disciplines of civil and structural engineering. We are drive by innovation; it is at the heart of everything we do. Not content to rely on our solid knowledge base, we push boundaries through continuous professional and personal development to maintain a leading position in the market.

We don’t have a comfort zone!

What we believe?

  • The new possible

    We like to challenge the conventional and redefine the possible. We like to challenge ourselves, push our understanding to new limits. We like to match the theoretical with the practical.

  • Partnership and collaboration

    We believe in developing a partnership with our clients and include them in our decisions at every step of the way. That is how we share ideas, develop good practices and learn from each other.

  • Integrity and reliability

    We believe that our word is our bond. If we promise, we will do everything we can to honour our agreement.

    We believe in transparency and loyalty.

  • Flexibility

    We are committed to deliver practical solutions to match our client’s needs. All of our solutions are based on their requirements and capabilities.

What inspires us?

We believe there is no better designer than nature itself. It has billions of years of experience, experimenting with physics and chemistry to jump obstacles and forge solutions for the future. So at KrasenLach, we defer to the expert.

By using the natural world as our inspiration, we are able to simultaneously enhance our knowledge of the environment and use it to create optimised solutions for our clients.

"Young people should be given the opportunity to design their own future."
Veselka Delieva

No-one understands the importance of environmental sustainability more than the generation who will be affected by it the most. At KrasenLach we want to contribute to creating a brighter future.

The recent revolutionary advances in technology have stemmed from the idealism and innovation of the younger generation. KrasenLach wants to harness their power and use it to its full potential. We strongly believe in hiring people from the local community and building their skillset through training, while keeping our ears and minds open to their ideas. By investing in the talent of tomorrow, we want to work towards a collaborative vision to build a brighter future.